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About Varied / Professional Official Beta Tester Elise Rosberg24/Female/Sweden Groups :iconhyacinthessfc: HyacinthessFC
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Here I will write the most Frequently Asked Questions that I get. All of these answers are my personal views.

:bulletblue: What tablet do you have and what are your tips on using/getting a tablet? :bulletblue:
I have a Bamboo Fun, silver, smallest size, by Wacom. Generally Wacom are the best ones, if you ask me. I had a Trust A4 size tablet before and it was too big as well as bad quality. Get a Wacom bamboo, and it doesn't matter if it's small or medium size. Generally the big ones aren't better or anyhting. Your local computer store should have them :3 They're more common than you think, and they're usually under $100 unless you're looking for something fancy. If you're in america, Staples have them. Also, if you're gonna use a tablet, go get Paint Tool Sai. That program is made for using with a tablet. Make sure your stabilizer is on 15 or more - it gives you perfect lines.

Tablets can be tricky to use in the beginning since you're looking at the screen while drawing on your desk. It takes some time getting used to, but trust me, you will! =) Good luck!

:bulletblue: How do I use/get Paint Tool Sai? :bulletblue:
About getting it, well... this is the internet. Do what you must. Buying it is a good option. Google it.

Using it... There's a lot of great tutorials around here, just search for them. My main advice though is make sure you have stabilizer on (top right corner). I have mine on 15.

You can also rotate your working area while working on it, and flip it easily. Paint Tool sai is made for artists. Photoshop is made for photographers. Therefore, Sai has a line stabilizer and rotation tools that photoshop don't have. So because of the stabilizer; where your lines would look weird and shaky in photoshop they'll look nice and smooth in Sai! Highly recommended! Good luck!

:bulletblue: What do I do to get more viewers in my livestream? :bulletblue:
What time are you livestreaming at? I always livestream around swedish time (GMT+1) 8PM to midnight. That's when the europees AND americans are both awake, and that's when I get the most viewers (which isn't a lot, but I still notice the difference). Try that, perhaps, and I also noticed it works when you write what you're going to draw, i.e. "Today I'm gonna color!" . That way people who want to color better will be like "oh, I can get some tips perhaps! I'll watch!". Keep going, my first livestreams had 1-3 people for months. :') Also see if you can post it otherwhere than dA, too, perhaps your Facebook? Tumblr? Strangers stay more easily if there's others in the livestream already, so if you get your friends to watch that might also attract more strangers.

Fan Art/Gift Art

-Kotori- for hyacinthess by Rebecka-chan
;w; Thank you, Rebecka-chan <33

Present from me~ by ChanreeDon't be sad by Chanree
Thank you, Chanree ;w; <33

For hyacinthess by Rebecka-chan
Thank you again, Rebecka-chan hahahah (This is a joke we did<3)

Thank you so much for this birthday present, it's absolutely lovely <3 Muppiz

Littel bird fanart by blueDREAM-SH
Thank you sooo much blueDREAM-SH, it's so beautiful and wonderful, thank you!!

This is so wonderful, oh my god ;__; Thank you so very much!! Nimyuchi !! <3

Nightlight- Birthday gift for hyacinthess by AlexDasMaster
Thank youuuu AlexDasMaster for drawing this wonderful Nightlight for my birthday, yay ;u;!!

Hbd hyacinthess by blavk
Such a cute Kotori for my birthday blavk Thank you!! <3

Kotori by MARlNETTE
Thank youuu MARlNETTE


Mermaid Yuri Character Design by hyacinthess
Mermaid Yuri Character Design
A little character design for a mermaid story I’m about to make! I decided to scrap my magical girl manga for now, since the story just didn’t work out. I have a considerably shorter story with these two - a human and a mermaid. Oh no, I need to make up names for them! @_@ Any suggestions?
Miracle Stella by hyacinthess
Miracle Stella

Final design for Miracle☆Stella! Her “colors” might change a bit (like, what’s colored in and what’s not), but overall I like this design the best I think!

Also, that to the left is her when she’s not transformed <3 What do you think?

And, the fox’s name is set to Orion, thanks Ririrchi <3

I still haven’t decided on her weapon though, or how she transforms :\ Any ideas?

Lena's present by hyacinthess
Lena's present
A little present to a friend who had her birthday :') She came down just to see me, give me some soveniers from Japan, so of course I had to give her something back, especially since she had her birthday recently.
Jack Frost self-harms (tw:selfharm) by hyacinthess
Jack Frost self-harms (tw:selfharm)

Trigger warning: Self-harm

"Please tell me what I am doing wrong because I have tried everything and no one ever sees me." 

Headcanon: Jack self-harms, but his long-sleeved hoodie covers the scars.

I just thought it would be interesting if Jack showed some signs of having lived 300 years without having been seen, and not either having the other Guardians nor his own group of followers, he’s been all alone for most of his life, not even knowing who he was. And like he said, he tried everything, but noone ever saw him. But he’s immortal, and supposed to be laughing and funny all the time, yet, at times, he can also be dark, weighted down by his loneliness.

This is for everyone who self-harms or have ever done so. You’re not alone. <3

“Those who laugh the hardest are often the most unhappy.”
― Bill Loguidice


Livestream off! (New microphone!)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 1:45 PM
l Watch Me l Note Me


Livestream is off now...! Finally, wow. I'm alive, but barely. I'll tell you all about it if you join, even if it's just for a bit :) And I've got a new microphone too, so you can hear me even better!
Click HERE to watch! <3

~* Art blog * ~

Please follow my artblog on tumblr! Sketches and more you won't see on deviantart!

Facebook page for my art, illustrations and manga! Please feel free to like it, if you'd like <3 I post lots of WIPs there and so on!

My fanclub:

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hyacinthess's Profile Picture
Elise Rosberg
Artist | Professional | Varied
JP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designSwedish Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

:bulletblue: I was an exchange student to Japan, Osaka, from March 2008 until January 2009, as well as an exchange student to Tokyo October 2012 until August 2013.
:bulletblue: I won the Swedish competition "Mangatalangen 2007" and got my own manga published by a major company.
:bulletblue: I have also been published in Swedish Comic Sin 2&3, Altcom 2010, Serier mot Rasism, Shojo Stars, Manganackan, GUYS 2012 and more.
:bulletblue: Attended the school of comics in Malmö, sweden, 2010/2011.
:bulletblue: Owner of the Swedish Publishing Company Wasabi Press;
:bulletblue: 日本語話せます!ぜひメッセージを下さい。よろしくおねがいします!
:bulletblue: Feel free to ask me anything or write me anything <3 I don't bite and I love to talk to new people!

My nicknames, given to me by watchers:

Ways to get in touch:
Email: takutosuki(at)
Skype: takutosuki
MSN/Live messenger:

Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite genre of music: J-rock and generally anything else!
Favourite style of art: Shoujo-ish Josei?
Favourite cartoon character: Yoite from Nabari no Ou
Personal Quote: Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

(Profile picture taken by Kajsa Nilsson)


Printscreen if you're my 100,000 pageviewer (or close to it), and you'll get a free commission of your choice - portrait or chibi!

If you can't catch exactly 100,000 the closest one will win <3
Note me with your printscreen and your request <3



~* Chibi commissions! *~

Sketch only: $3
Lineart only: $5
Colored lineart: $10
Do you want it to be able to blink (animated gif)? $1 extra (see example below)
Additional characters (meaning: more than one character in the picture) per picture are free for sketches, but $3 extra for lineart and color (per character).

:bulletgreen: I accept paypal and bank transfer (within sweden) <3

:bulletgreen: I do any characters or people. Interaction between characters is up to you. A simple background is included but can be discussed.

:bulletgreen: You can describe the character(s) and I can draw according to it.

:bulletgreen: It can be a real picture of you or a friend, and I can draw a chibi version of you.

:bulletgreen: You may not sell the final artpiece but you may use it privately as you may see fit.

Send me a note with what character you want!
Or email me at: takutosuki(at)
- Final Fantasy Crisis Core Chibis - by hyacinthess

Animated example:
- Zack and Cloud Chibis Blinking! - by hyacinthess
Commission: - Esta - by hyacinthess


~* Portrait/fullbody commissions! *~

Sketch only: $3
Lineart only: $5
Colored lineart:
- $8 for portrait/halfbody
- $10 for fullbody.
Additional character per picture: $5 Free for sketches
Solid/one or two colors: Free
Simple background: $3 (sky, pattern, etc)
Advanced background: $5 (Landscape, room, etc)

:bulletgreen: I accept paypal and bank transfer (within sweden) <3

:bulletgreen: It can be a real picture of you or a friend, and I'll draw you if you were manga characters.

:bulletgreen: I do any characters or people (i.e. from a tv series or movie). A simple background is included but can be discussed.

:bulletgreen: You may not sell the final artpiece but you may use it privately as you may see fit.

Send me a note with what character you want!
Or email me at: takutosuki(at)

Little Bird Seeking Freedom by hyacinthess
- Commission: Rebecka Dancing at Dusk - by hyacinthess
Commission: - Esta in Space - by hyacinthess

Commission Queue:

Kiriban winner #2 Pcyzicus SeeU chibi
Inconcabille - Naruto OC
Thami-Mixim - OC chibis x 2
Lumsk - Fullcolor fullpage OCs
Kitsune-no-Suzu - Fullbody sketches



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You are now featured in my donation box, cuz of your awesomeness!♥ This comment is just for those who haven't noticed, i'm not asking thank yous, and sorry if u've noticed it already!♥
Wed Nov 7, 2012, 10:09 PM
I miss u!! Want u to come back to us in Sweden so we can have fun= Conventions!! <333
Tue Oct 30, 2012, 2:27 PM
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Bwahahah you guys are the best <333
Fri Aug 17, 2012, 9:40 AM


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